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PostSubject: Ranking   Tue Jul 21, 2009 4:53 am

Here you see the ranking of the pride. It is kept rather simply, we do not want any confusion, too many ranks will ruin the system. The Classes are not made to discriminate, merely to order the rankings according to influence and authority. The Leader, of course, stands above all.

  • First Class

Makes all decisions, his/her will is law. No one surpasses the Leader.

Leader's Offspring- They are the cubs of the leader and they will take their place as leaders someday. Sometimes they are seen worthy by the Leader and will choose them to take their place once they have passed.

  • Second Class

A guard patrols the territorial borders and den and takes care of (unwanted) intruders and criminals. They may, with permission of the Leader, punish lions who do not obey the rules or are found guilty of crime.

Heals wounded animals and may also look after the whelps. When the whelps' mothers are away for hunting the healer is automatically assigned to nurture the cubs.

A lion or lioness who has proven to be a skilled and intelligent fighter receives the honour of being a strider for the pride.

  • Third Class

Water Gatherer
Watches over the den's water supply and re-fills it when needed.

Provides the pride of fresh food, explores the savannah, forests and waters for new prey and hunting grounds.

Informs the pride about the whereabouts of other groups of animals. A scout may also leave the territory to search for new, better grounds.

Brings news and pendles between his Leaders and the receiver of the message.

The future of the pride.

  • No Class (which means no rights, these fall out of the group)

Only murderers and serious criminals can be banned. Being an exile is a shameful and degrading position.

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