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 How to join the Eltrauz Pride

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PostSubject: How to join the Eltrauz Pride   Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:34 pm

1. You will obviously need to be a lion. You will need to come on regularly not just once or twice a month.

2. You need to be tolerant of others especially to the newcomers and if you find anyone breaking any rules than PM one of the admins or PM me and I will deal with them.

3.Lastly, if you happen to be in a bad mood when you come on please don't take it out on other's and also be very honest about how you are playing and in everything that you do in the rpg.

Go to the Character sheet skeletons copy that. Go to the Characters to be accepted and add a new topic then paste the sheet and fill it out. Then you post it after when you are done Herloom will check it out and might add you on the list. Then you PM Herloom saying to check the character accepted folder and she will. Then you will get a PM back as soon as Herloom can do it saying that you did or did not get accepted into the Herd. Remember to put what herd you want to be in in the PM or Herloom might put you in the wrong one by mistake
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How to join the Eltrauz Pride
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