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 How To survive

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PostSubject: How To survive   Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:59 pm

Everyone in the pride needs to participate in our survival and can't just laze around and watch while other people do your work that's not permitted!!!
The pride will split into two groups to look for food and water and these groups will stay the same but the jobs will be different,but one of us is sick one of us will stay behind to care for them.(the buddy system)
As i said in the how to join the eltrauz pride ALWAYS attack the zebra herds that are on this game that is required.

Even if you are just flat out hungry you cannot disobey the leader of your group (i will be assigning a different leader other wise you guys will be lost but no matter what we all are still one herd) or attack a fellow lion/ess.

We will all meet back at the shady stone and will get water and food.
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How To survive
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